June 13, 2017

My latest novel, Harms' Way, will be published by Permanent Press in 2018. Harms' Way is a prison novel, told by Ethan Harms, a serial killer serving consecutive life terms in a super-max facility. Despite his horrific crimes, Harms is a funny and, at times, even sympathetic character, giving us a wry insider's view of his fellow inmates, their rituals and routines, as well as his relationships with the Warden, guards, and a Ph.D. candidate who regularly comes to interview him. It's not a lurid book. There's an allegorical aspect to it. He's done terrible things, and knows it, and is sorry about it. In that sense his dilemma echoes the human condition, albeit amped-up and dramatized. The book is short and builds to an exciting conclusion. It's troubling, in a good way. How we are just a hair's breadth away from being someone terrible.

I recently published two essays. The first, Artists Dying, is in the new blog Scoundrel Time. The second, Glass, Wine, World, in The Threepenny Review. Both can be found in the site’s Essay section.